Cabbagetown by the Numbers

Summer 2016. OK – so this blog was supposed to just be a couple of weeks late and now here it is some 3 plus months late. This year I am employing a blog format I stole from a friend who stole it from someone else. I have been counting everything up, so here is …read more

A Day in the Life

May 2015. It’s week four of hand-painting Jennifer’s house. Our buddy, Paul, drummed up work all spring. He and I have already bid on a few more painting jobs. We’ve even invested in a power washer and a paint sprayer. Jennifer’s place required a lot of prep work, but we are well into the second …read more

Working around Cabbagetown

May 24,2014 – October 11, 2014. “Call.” “Bruce.” “Junk.” No, Donald the Plumber isn’t speaking to me. He stands behind me, in the middle of Savannah Street, telling his phone to ring up Bruce. “Bruce? I’ve got a water heater you can come pick up.” He gives Bruce directions. Then he walks past the new …read more