Painting and Odd Jobs

Another house Greg and Paul painted over the summer. This was our house before we sold it.

Paul and Vikki’s house, painted summer of 2016.

Unfortunately We still have to make money to support our adventures, so we do odd jobs when we return to Cabbagetown every summer.

During the summer of 2014, Greg teamed up with Paul, another odd job guy/painter in Cabbagetown. Together they specialize in painting the old mill houses of Cabbagetown, hand brushing 100 year old boards with premium paint, letting the color soak in for a long lasting finish. They also do interiors, porches, picket fences, and furniture.

Duwan does some of the odder jobs that come their way. One of the oddest being cancelling a client’s cable, returning her cable box, buying and setting up four new digital TVs (3 small TVs and one smart TV) to replace four analog TVs, buying and installing a converter box for her remaining analog TV and configuring her new smart TV. Duwan has also helped a client organize and run an estate sale, helped another client ready her mother’s house to put on the market. Duwan also does web development and has helped clients set up and implement their own WordPress blogs and has helped clients problem solve and improve their existing websites.

And, of course, when Duwan and Greg are not available for house sitting, they are still available for pet visits.

If you have an odd job or would like a quote on painting send us a note here.

Greg puts the finishing touches on Laura's house, painted summer of 2014.

Greg puts the finishing touches on Laura’s house, painted summer of 2014.

One of the new colorful houses in Cabbagetown painted by Greg and Paul.

Karin’s house, painted summer of 2016.

Karen's house painted summer 2013.

Karen’s house, painted summer 2013.

Jennifer's and Robert's house painted summer 2015.

Jennifer’s and Robert’s house, painted summer of 2015.

John’s house, painted summer of 2015.