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When we are not sailing or traveling in our van, we house sit. Mostly we house sit in one small 18 block neighborhood in Atlanta called Cabbagetown. Because this is where the majority if our odd jobs come from, where the majority of our Atlanta friends live, and because we love Cabbagetown so much, we do our house sitting in this community usually (but not always) as a straight trade. We walk, feed, poop, and entertain your pets, get in your mail, water your plants, and generally keep an eye on your house in exchange for a home base and a real house to live in for a little bit while we earn money for our adventures.

We do house sit outside of Cabbagetown from time to time, but as we get further away from our home base we ask for some compensation. The amount is totally negotiable.

Here is a list of a few of the homes we have house sat at in Cabbagetown. We can get you in touch with any of these references on request.

In Cabbagetown, Atlanta:
Lynne Splinter – Powell Street
Debbie Weeks – Tye Street
Barb Keeney – Savannah Street
Dian Huff & David Chapman – Iswald Street
Karen Russian – Berean Street
Lyn & Tom Deardorff – The Stack Lofts
Rebecca Denham – The Stacks Lofts
Tova Baruch & Peter Knudson – Tye Street
Mary Huysman – Powell Street

In Edgewood, Atlanta:
Leah-lane Lowe & Vandy Vanderford – Dahlgren Street

And here are a few of our clients. Click pics to enlarge and open into a slide show:

Below is our house sitting schedule. We usually start sitting sometime in June and go through early fall. If you are interested in having us sit your house (and pets), please fill out the contact form below the calendar.

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    6 thoughts on “House Sitting

    1. Hi,
      I think I like to travel Monday, August 4th through Wednesday, August 13th. Which will get me back home for work Thursday, Fri, & Saturday. So if you want to arrive on Sunday to get the low down on the hound that would be cool. I’ll take the couch that night. I’ll book tickets once you confirm.
      Does that work for you guys?

    2. Yay!!!
      As of now I’ll be gone 6/28-7/4 and 7/8-17 (though that span may shift a little).
      Can I reserve you for the days you are not already booked? And then pay you for checking in on/feeding the kitties when you are staying elsewhere?

    3. I’ll be gone from August 14-23, so if you need a place then that would be great — if not, I can make other arrangements. The cats don’t need much, since there’s an automatic feeder — just a little lovin’ and the occasional scoop! Will be good to have you back in the ‘hood.

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