Month: February 2014

Karen! Karen! Karen!

January 15 – January 17. Our friend Karen flew down from Cabbagetown for a visit. She arrived at Black Point on Friday afternoon. We still had some west wind, so we stayed off the boat until after dark. We walked…

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3 Things

January 31 – February 8. Here are three things we never want to do again. Go to George Town George Town is known as a “cruising Mecca.” It has a large port, Elizabeth Harbour, which can hold 300 to 400…

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Ragged to Thompson Bay

January 23 – January 30. We have fun getting to know the cruisers when Steve and Kim host a happy hour on Fine Lion. More boats come in. But after a week in one spot, it’s time to move on….

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Jumentos Break

It occurs to me that in striving to relate events I have not given the Jumentos a fair description. They defy sequential narrative. If you want to truly lose track of time, this is the place to be. Take a…

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Wild goats populate most of the southern islands in the Jumentos chain. Goats in Duncan Town roam the streets. And they roam around in people’s yards. We saw lots of mamas with their babies. Although the goats tend to move away once people are spotted the younger goats seem to be curious and …read more

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Ragged Island

January 17 – January 22. “Did you order this ride?” “Yeah, I called in earlier on the VHF. You just didn’t hear me”. This is part of the playful banter among the core group of cruisers who come straight to…

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Meet Edward, the lone inhabitant of Buena Vista Cay in the Jumentos islands. Edward is 74 years young. He was born on this island and lived in a small household of twelve people until age nine, when the family moved…

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Intro to the Jumentos

January 9 – January 16. The Jumentos chain of islands defines the southeastern edge of the Great Bahama Bank. It’s a 60 mile string of tiny islets that offer very little protection from the tides that surge from the Atlantic…

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The Comer Channel

January 1 – January 8. “I think I smell something burning.” Quickly I jump behind the wheel so Greg can go below and investigate. He grabs the fire extinguisher and pulls the cover off the engine compartment. From behind the…

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