Greg with Kobe and Bolt on a hike in Rattlesnake Canyon in Colorado.

Hey! We are Duwan and Greg. We started house-sitting in 2012 in the summers in between our sailing adventures. For those first eight years, we almost exclusively pet-sat in one neighborhood in Atlanta, Cabbagetown (read more about Cabbagetown here). By 2020 we were traveling in a van and were no longer going to Cabbagetown every summer to house-sit,. Still we would occasionally pick up sits by word of mouth as we traveled across the United States. In 2021 we joined Trusted House Sitter which expanded our house-sitting opportunities and gave us more chances to have a break from the road.

Duwan and her pal Bob.

Since we began our house-sitting journey, we have sat over 100 individual pets — cats, dogs, birds, fish, pet rats, turtles, a pet pot-bellied pig, and farm animals.

We have experience giving both dogs and cats medicine, using an inhaler on a cat, walking cats on leashes, and putting shoes on dogs.

We believe in keeping pets routines consistent and following the direction of the people who know the pets the most, their pet parents.

And we love that we now have pet friends all over the US and potentially all over the world.

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Mary Lou – Golden, CO, United States


22 May – 31 May 2024

Greg and Duran were great! Communication with Greg was easy and frequent. They left the house in tip top condition and were really great with Britty. I would have to say that they were some of the best house sitters we have had. If they should show up , grab them! Thank you so much for taking care of the house, plants and Britty. Good luck to you in your travels!

Alyssa – Evergreen, CO, United States

26 Apr – 19 May 2024

Greg and Duwan are WONDERFUL! From our very first communication with them we knew the pets would be in good hands. They are such a kind and caring couple! They took the time to get to know each of our pets so they could provide individualized care. They took excellent care of our home and I am pretty sure that our house plants want them as new owners! 🙂 From the photo updates, to the sparkling clean home and the happy pets that we arrived home to – I could go on and on about how great they are as pet and home sitters! Thanks Greg and Duwan! Hope to see you both again someday!

Melinda – Grand Junction, Colorado, United States

10 Jan – 23 Jan 2022

This was our first house sit and Greg was amazing! Our dog and cat were well cared for and loved. Greg also left our home super clean and just how he found it. We encouraged him to make himself at home and he did just that. We would recommend Greg to anyone looking for a wonderful house sitter. Greg will take great care of your pets and leave your home clean.

01 Apr – 25 Apr 2024

This was Greg’s second time house sitting for us. And, just like his last sit with us, he did an amazing job. It was so nice to meet Duwan and have her with Greg on this house sit. Our pets were spoiled and well taken care of and it was so nice to return to a very clean and tidy house!! I would recommend Greg and Duwan to anyone. Perry and Melinda

Jordan – Denver, CO, United States

Jesse and Chai.

28 Mar – 31 Mar 2024

Greg and Duwan have easily been our favorite house sitters. They are such a lovely couple and so easy to coordinate with. They took incredible care of our home and our dogs. We came home to a perfectly clean home- cleaner than we left it! And the dogs were so sleepy and happy- they gave them so much exercise. Don’t miss the opportunity to have them stay in your home!!

Jordan – Colorado Springs, CO, United States


17 Mar – 28 Mar 2024

Greg and Duwan were amazing! Such a sweet couple, so clean and great communicators. Copper was so happy when we got home. We would definitely love to have them sit for us again!

Audrey – Pueblo, CO, United States


12 Mar – 17 Mar 2024

Just like the other reviews I have nothing but good things to say! Kept me updated, Gus was happy, and they left my apartment spotless: perfect!

Katie – Fort Collins, CO, United States

Petey and Jasper.

02 Mar – 12 Mar 2024

Greg and Duwan were amazing and I would recommend their care to anyone needing a petsitter! They went above and beyond to take care of my two dogs – they were organized, reliable, clean, and very communicative sending daily updates/photos. I would welcome them back anytime, Petey and Jasper will certainly miss them!

Audrey – Denver, CO, United States


28 Feb – 02 Mar 2024

Greg was an absolute delight to work with. We felt extremely comfortable with him taking care of Stella. You can tell that he really cares about your pet. He would take Stella out for picnics during the day. Our house was also spotless when we got home. We would love to have Greg stay with us any time he finds himself in Denver again. Thank you, Greg!

Marni – Columbia, SC, United States


29 Jan – 02 Feb 2024

Greg & Duwan were great. I would host them again! They were excellent communicators, sent pix, took good care of Bennie and the house. Washed the sheets and towels. Great Cat sitters!

Heather – Snow Camp, NC, United States

18 Jan – 28 Jan 2024

Gregg and Duwan were absolutely perfect house and farm sitters! We couldn’t have asked for anything more, and they gave way more than was expected. When we chose Gregg and Duwan to be Farm Sitters, we knew they didn’t have any livestock farm sitting experience. They were confident in their abilities, and given their amazing reviews I knew they could handle taking care of my farm. On the day they arrived, we had some unseasonal freezing temperatures which caused our well pump to freeze. Instead of spending the day packing to leave as I’d planned, I instead spent the day working to remedy the water situation.

When they arrived, I gave them a quick rundown of the evening chores with a promise of a more detailed explanation in the morning. The next morning as I was frantically getting ready to leave for my flight, I looked out the window to see Greg and Duwan with my printed farm-chores instructions, figuring out the morning farm chores on their own! They did great, and only had one question about the process. I was so relieved and grateful that they just jumped in and went to work. They were absolute lifesavers that day.

During our time away, Duwan kept us updated daily with pictures of our dogs and farm animals, and the words “all is good”. It helped us to feel calm and peaceful about leaving our home, animals and farm in their hands.

While they were here, the horrible extra-cold weather continued. They were such troopers! When the animal water froze over and the hose was also frozen, they found a bucket to carry water to the chickens and geese and broke up the ice in the cow’s water. They went SO above and beyond to keep everything going and the animals well cared for. We never could have guessed that they didn’t have more farm experience, they just tucked in and did what I would have done if I’d been home.

I didn’t know that going on vacation and having Greg and Duwan farm-sitting would be so stress free, but we didn’t stress about the farm the entire time we’re were on vacation!

Thank you so much, Greg and Duwan. You made our time away from home and farm so enjoyable! You are the best!

Michael – Belmont, NC, United States

10 Jan – 17 Jan 2024

Well, Greg and Duwan are the perfect pet-sitting couple. They cared for Baxter and Brady for a week. It was a match made in heaven. Our boys warmed up to them immediately and vice versa. We received regular updates. Not too much, not too little. On all accounts, everything went swimmingly. When we returned, the boys told us they would miss Greg and Duwan–but we didn’t take it personally. For them, it was like having a younger grandma and grandpa visit for too short a visit. 🙂 We would gladly welcome Greg and Duwan back, should the opportunity arrive. They are simply the best.

Britt – Asheville, NC, United States


06 Jan – 10 Jan 2024

Greg and Duwan were lovely! They took great care of our cat Rosie and our home. They were super organized about meeting us and making sure that they had all the information to make sure that our fur baby was well cared for. There were no problems while we were away, and we came home to a super clean and freshly laundered home. We’re so grateful that they were available to stay at our house while we were traveling. We (and Rosie) hope they’ll come back again!

Irwin – Hendersonville, NC, United States


20 Nov – 26 Nov 2023

Greg and Duwan were great HouseSitters. We liked how they easily made a connection with our cat Charlotte. We knew that she would be well cared for and be given the right amount of attention. 

The house was in very good order when we returned. They went so far as to wash the linens and towels before they left. We appreciated that. We received several communications from them about Charlotte during the week they were in our home. It’s always reassuring to know that things are going well. 

Duwan and Greg are very personable. We enjoyed making their acquaintance and given the opportunity we would most definitely use them again. 

Rebecca – Greenville, South Carolina, United States

25 Jul – 31 Jul 2023

Greg and Duwan were great with my babies and house! In fact, so great, they are coming back for another sit! Yea!!

08 Sep – 19 Sep 2023

Wow! Thanks Duwan for the immaculately clean house you left me! Oh my! Even extra hummingbird water, covering the outdoor furniture etc etc. So great to come home to! And thanks so much Greg for coming during a difficult time for you. Ya’ll are awesome and the girls miss ya lots!:)

Wendy – Atlanta, Georgia, United States

25 Aug – 28 Aug 2023

Duwan was WONDERFUL! and she changed the sheets on the bed so we could crawl in when we arrived home at 1am! The cats generally scream a bit when we get back, but both of them were happy, so they had a good time, too!

Carol – Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Buddy and Sofie.

16 Jul – 19 Jul 2023

I would highly recommend Greg & Duwan for any pet sitting you may have. Everything was neat & tidy on my return, greatly appreciated. I think my cats would have liked them to stay on longer. I certainly would consider them for another sit.

Carrie – Austin, Texas, United States

21 – 27 Nov 2022

Greg and Dwuan were great sitters. They commuicated promptly before and during their sit, and they sent pictures and updates regularly. It was easy to be away and not worry because I knew the house and pets were in good hands; Greg and Dwuan formed relationships and were instantly comfortable with the pets, so everyone was happy during the sit. They were respectful of the house and left it just as they found it. I highly recommend them for sit.

Dora – Austin, Texas, United States

Rusty and Blue.

12 – 20 Nov 2022

Greg and Duwan sat my dogs, Rusty and Blue, while I was gone traveling for a week. They were five star pet sitters all around. They offered to stop by before the sit started to meet Rusty and Blue. Greg and Duwan were kind to my crazy/energetic fur babies, had good questions and paid very close attention to Blue’s medicines (he is an older dog). I knew right away that they loved animals, were trustworthy and would play with Rusty and Blue. Also they showed me the inside of their van in which they travel which was super cool!

While I was gone, they sent regular updates with pictures. I felt calm knowing my pets were in good hands and, just as importantly, were having fun and probably didn’t miss me.

When I came home, Rusty and Blue looked so happy and playful. The house was very tidy and clean, as if no one had been there. They even changed the sheets and washed the linens and towels for me.

I highly recommend Greg and Duwan and would love to have them sit again.

Griffin – Austin, Texas, United States

Kohl and Macy.

1 – 12 Nov 2022

Greg and Duwan took great care of our house and kitty cats.
They sent updates everyday including photos and a short message. This always made us feel relaxed knowing that our cats were doing well.

When we returned after 11 days, the house was clean and the cats were relaxed. Honestly, I don’t think the cats even knew or cared that we were gone! We know they were well fed and played with and Greg even took them outside for supervised outdoor time as we specified for him to do.
I would highly recommend and we hope that they are in the area to watch our house next time we travel.

Morgan – Wasilla, Alaska, United States

14 – 18 Jul 2022

Greg and Duwan were amazing! They met up with us the day prior to meet us and the dogs to make sure the dogs could get familiar with them. They sent us sweet updates and photos of the dogs daily. Greg and Duwan left our home just as clean as it was when we left, if not better. I highly recommend them as sitters and would book with them again 🙂

Jessie – Joshua Tree, California, United States

17 – 22 Apr 2022

Greg & Duwan were lovey and they took care of our home and pets just as we would. We got daily update and photos to help put our minds at ease (as it was our first official sit) and we would be happy to have them back again!

Mike & Elisabeth – Tucson, Arizona, United States

Sucette was a very sweet 20 year old cat.

1 – 11 Apr 2022

Greg and Duwan are wonderful sitters. They took really good care of our Sucette, knowing that she is an older and sick lady cat!

Reliable, friendly, helpful, they made sure to stay in touch with us, sending us pictures and notes on a daily basis.

No hesitation from us to have them sit for us again!

Eli – Flagstaff, Arizona, United States

Hal and Mags.

23 – 25 Jan 2022

Greg was very flexible and great at communication! The dogs were well taken care of and very happy, and the house was as we left it. We would happily have Greg back and wish him the best on his travels!

Ethan – Tucson, Arizona, United States

29 Dec 2021 – 3 Jan 2022

Greg did a wonderful job watching our home and caring for our pets during a 5 day trip. He took our dogs on multiple long walks everyday so that they got the exercise they needed. Our cats litter was cleaned routinely. When we returned from our trip we could see that Greg did some extra cleaning around the house, and left it in better condition than when we had left. He did a great job.

Carolyn and Patrick – Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States

21 – 29 Dec 2021

Greg stopped in a day early to go over details and to meet the cats. He has a soft touch and they liked him. He provided daily feedback with photos of the kitties which was most reassuring and appreciated. We found our home in as good or better condition than when we left. He was flexible with us when we found we needed to return early. Our cats were relaxed and well cared for when we returned. We are happy to have met Greg and highly recommend him.

Liesbet – Newburyport, Massachusettes, United States


30 Jun – 15 Jul 2021

Greg is a wonderful human being who greatly cares about animals and loves them deeply and genuinely. He is responsible, gentle, smart, helpful, communicative, creative, and flexible. Dogs gravitate to him, even our rescue dog, Maya, who has a few “issues.” The two of them bonded during our two-week absence.

He provided us with updates and kept our place clean and in order. He is also a handyman. If anything would have needed fixing, I’d trust him completely to do something about the problem, either by contacting the right professionals or by solving the issue himself.

I highly recommend Greg for all your house and pet sitting needs. My husband and I would 100% ask him back to take care of Maya if we end up leaving her alone again!

Karen – Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Various times from 2012 – 2023

Greg and Duwan have done house and pet sitting for me several times. They take excellent care of my house and my cat, Anabel, loves them. I trust them completely and would highly recommend them to everyone!

Debbie –  Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Various times from 2012 – 2023

Greg and Duwan are fabulous! I always come home to happy animals and a clean house. I am very protective and I do not allow just anyone to take care of my animals or stay in my home. I totally trust Greg and Duwan and highly recommend them to take care of your house and/or your animals.

Jason – Tucson, Arizona, United States


8 – 24 Nov, 2020

Greg housesat for us for almost two weeks, and everything was perfect! He perfectly followed the instructions to care for our pool and took great care of our cat. We would highly recommend him!

Bill –  Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Various times from 2017 – 2022

Duwan and Greg have house sat for us on numerous occasions. In each instance it was for 2+ weeks. We we able to thoroughly enjoy our vacations knowing our 2 dogs were in great hands. They would send us photos from time to time and the dogs got lots of hugs, walks, and interactions. When we would get home, in the back of my mind I am thinking they were probably disappointed that Duwan and Greg were leaving. 🙂 I highly recommend them to watch your home and furry loved ones!

Celine – Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Various times from 2016 – 2021

Greg is fantastic! We have used him both for pet-sitting and house-sitting. Last time he house-sat for us, we returned and it seemed he had never even been there — except for the happy cats and the packages he brought in for us. He left the place spotless! Greg is super easy-going and just a pleasant, responsible guy. Highly recommended.

Lynne – Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Various times from 2012 – 2018

Greg has been a number one house sitter for years! He takes excellent care of my pets and can actually function as a terrific handyman if something goes awry while I am away. I highly recommend him as a trusted house and pet sitter.

Karin –  Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Various times from 2016 – 2023

Greg has taken care of my 2 dogs and my home for many years. I believe it has been 7.
Greg is very caring, trustworthy and committed to what he does.

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