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Goodbye (again) Cabbagetown

One day many years ago when Greg and I owned a house and lived in Cabbagetown full time, Greg was walking down the street and saw a neighbor round the corner with a jar of salsa. She was having trouble…

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Cabbagetown Pets 2019

This was our eighth summer house sitting. We were completely booked up before we got back to Cabbagetown this past June and we had just one small 3 day gap in our schedule in 4 months. The sits were longer…

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Sept. & Oct. 2018 By The Numbers

September – October 2018. Welcome to the numbers of our lives, a (hopefully) fun way of giving you a little insight into our unusual life. We like to count things. I mean numbers are pretty cool. And they can be…

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July & August 2018 By The Numbers

July – August 2018. We are adding up the numbers of our lives again – I like numbers. They can be fun. And when you start breaking things down into numbers they can become especially insightful or sometimes just plain…

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May & June 2018 Costs of Being a Nomad

May & June 2018. This is our second post about tracking our expenses and our 5th month actually making a note of everything we spend. This exercise wasn’t so hard on the road since we spent money in fewer places…

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May & June 2018 By The Numbers

May – June 2018. As a way to keep up with the blog over the summer when we aren’t traveling and working hard to make money for more travels, I am going to start doing a regular (hopefully) numbers post…

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Cabbagetown Firsts

May 27 – October 1, 2017. It is time for the Cabbagetown wrap-up blog. In case you have just started following along or have just been skipping the yearly blog or two about Cabbagetown, here is the deal – Cabbagetown…

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Cabbagetown by the Numbers

Summer 2016. OK – so this blog was supposed to just be a couple of weeks late and now here it is some 3 plus months late. This year I am employing a blog format I stole from a friend…

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Life on the Dirt Wrap Up 2015

May 7 – Oct. 12 Three pairs of eyes were staring at me. This was the routine. Gus had been doing it the longest, all the way back to when he and the pretty woman lived alone. Then she brought…

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A Day in the Life

May 2015. It’s week four of hand-painting Jennifer’s house. Our buddy, Paul, drummed up work all spring. He and I have already bid on a few more painting jobs. We’ve even invested in a power washer and a paint sprayer….

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