Three National Wildlife Refuges

February 11 – 19. I usually have a plan. It is always flexible, never set in stone though, and often veers off in any direction at any moment. But this winter I didn’t really have much of a plan at all. We were meeting up with friends and it seemed easier just to follow them …read more

Mittry Lake Wildlife Area

January 20 – 26 & February 9 – 10, 2021. We were itching to get to a lake and break out the kayak. We were still in the Yuma area. Our Pandemic Pod we had spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’, and had made multiple trips across the border for dental work with had split up …read more

2020 Cost of Being a Nomad

On January 1, 2020, Greg and I woke up in a cold practically featureless field in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. New Year’s Eve had been spent doing the usual, supper eaten on top of the fridge/dinner table, reading ebooks on our tablets, turning the couch into a bed, and then topping off the night …read more

Keeping Warm

December 25, 2020 – February 6, 2021. We didn’t have much of a plan for this winter. After doing lots of planning during 2020 I was more than ready to not think too much about where to go next. We did have to make some plans to visit the dentist but other than that our …read more

February 2021 Cost of Being a Nomad

February was about deciding what to do next. In January after all of our dentist visits were done. Our little Covid pod of friends broke up and everyone went their separate way. Our friends from Roaming About decided that they were too cold and headed south to Baja California Sur. They invited us to go …read more

The Wall

December 28, 2020 & February 9, 2021. The end of 2020 found us in the desert outside of Ajo, Arizona. We were camped with our friends celebrating the Christmas holiday. The desert there is beautiful. We did daily walks, looked for birds (didn’t find many), hung with our friends, ate good food, and watched nightly …read more