Month: April 2012

April 23 — The Water

As I languished in my seasickness on Sunday I saw a post on Facebook by a friend saying God is in the water. My friend is a surfer, she has a closer more personal relationship with the water than we…

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April 22 – Sorry. It SUX

Here we are, still in Governor’s Harbor. Here is what Duwan has done today. Eat an orange I peeled for her. Here is what I have done today. Wash dishes. Oh, I did get concerned that that we were getting…

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April 21 — Earth Day at Governor’s Harbour

It’s not even Earth Day yet, but we are completely exhausted from Earth Day celebrations. We sit in the lone sailboat in Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera, listening to Bahamian ‘Rake and Scrape’ and Junkanoo music come across the water from Bay…

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April 20 — Crab Pot

It was looking like a leisurely day of sailing. We had left Hatchet Bay and were heading down the coast of Eleuthera towards Governors Harbour. The wind was blowing 12 to 13 knots and we were on a close haul,…

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April 19 — Hatchet Bay Cave

Thursday we hiked to another Heritage Site, Hatchet Bay Cave. It was a couple of miles or so down Queen’s Highway. We took provisions for the day, water, crackers and peanut butter and our hand held VHF radio in case…

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April 17 & 18 — Hanging with the Locals

Gregory Town Greg is a magnet for small boys and cats. Perhaps it is his broad shoulders and six-foot stature combined with a friendly demeanor and soft voice. Or maybe it is because he doesn’t talk down to children (or…

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Sailor TV

Orion has been our nighttime companion since we first crossed to Bimini. He’s the first constellation to show his face after the sun sets. He lunges forward, preceded by his Great Dane (Canis Major) and followed by his beagle (Canis…

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April 17 – The Glass Window

I love the way Eleuthera sounds when you say it. The word feels ethereal and full of mystery. Most of what we have seen of Eleuthera so far sits high on a cliff over looking the blue, blue water of…

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April 16 — The Current

To get to Eleuthera from Royal Island you go through Current Cut. We had read all the usual blah, blah, blah. Only attempt this in broad daylight with no wind and the tide going your direction after a full moon….

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April 13 & 14 – Royal Island

We were back at Royal Island Friday the 13th. The night before when we finally returned from visiting in Spanish Wells we found Blue Wing pointing in the opposite direction from which we left her. The wind had changed to…

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