Month: February 2012

Feburary 18 – 23 Cat Cay, Gun Cay, Bimini

Wow. Wind and tidal currents are really important to us now. We left Saturday to explore the cays below Bimini. After a couple of very choppy nights we are learning better how to select our anchorages. Saturday we waited on…

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We Made it to The Bahamas!

The sun is going down behind us and no land is in sight. Wednesday we left our Miami anchorage at 7:00am to sail for Bimini. We had an easy trip out the inlet under a light breeze. Out by the…

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February 14 — Miami

Today was the first time either one of us has left Blue Wing since we boarded her over a week ago. Greg took the dingy for a spin, which is technically off the boat, but not off of the water….

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February 9-12 — Miami

At our anchorage last night we had gusts of wind up to 20 knots. Blue Wing rocked and swung and the lazy jacks clattered against the mast making a horrible racket throughout the night. I worried we would slip anchor,…

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February 7 & 8 – Miami

We have been in Miami for 3 days. Tuesday morning we hoped we could sail to Fort Lauderdale and then to Miami the next day. Our plan is to leave from Miami to Bimini. Although it was sunny in West…

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February 6 – Splash!

On Monday we “splashed” – put the boat back into the water. This was very exciting. Although we have owned the boat for months and spent 4 days motoring her up the ICW, this time she really felt like she…

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Duwan goes up the mast

It is pretty bad when things fall off your boat, but even worse when they fall from above. While on the hard our radar reflector came crashing to the deck. Someone had to put it back. Of course it makes…

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2 Weeks and 3 Days on the Hard

It has been 2 weeks and 3 hard days on the hard, but we have accomplished a lot, including: And besides all of this we laundered the cockpit seat cushions, changed the water filter, changed the oil, spent way too…

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