Month: November 2015

I’m a Sole Man

“Good Morning”. Step out of the forward V-Berth on Blue Wing to greet the day. Careful, if you happen to look down, this is the first thing you will see. Quick, pull a floor mat over it and resolve to…

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Life on the Dirt Wrap Up 2015

May 7 – Oct. 12 Three pairs of eyes were staring at me. This was the routine. Gus had been doing it the longest, all the way back to when he and the pretty woman lived alone. Then she brought…

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A Little Adventure in Great A’Tuin

September 19 – 25. Great A’Tuin had become a giant rolling toolbox. With paint brushes, caulk guns, paint cans, a pedestal fan, a ladder, and more all wedged into its interior, our van was not having any fun, not traveling,…

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A Day in the Life

May 2015. It’s week four of hand-painting Jennifer’s house. Our buddy, Paul, drummed up work all spring. He and I have already bid on a few more painting jobs. We’ve even invested in a power washer and a paint sprayer….

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Painting Bertha’s House

May 31 – June 20, 2015 – Cabbagetown. The incline was steep, very steep. A few of us craned our necks upward and contemplated the problem of the ascent before us. Oh yeah… it was awful steep. We decided to…

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2014/2015 Wrap Up

There she stands, tall and still, the hot Indiantown sun beating down on her ash covered decks, a lonely breeze quietly whistling through her naked rigging. Spring, summer and now fall, she has stood side by side with her sisters…

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