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Passage to Abaco

April 14. We’ve waited two days for the perfect conditions to take us from Current Settlement back to the Abacos. With the promise of 10-15mph of easterly wind we have sails up at 6:00am. There is no moon, no sun…

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April 4 – April 11. You’ll be happy to know that Eleuthera Island is as long, beautiful, and friendly as it was last year. Having been to the Glass Window, Cow and Bull rocks, Queen’s Baths, Gregorytown and Hatchet Bay…

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The Rock Sound Shuffle

December 25 – December 31. We are in Rock Sound, Eleuthera. On Christmas day we left our anchorage off the western coast of Current Island in Eleuthera and headed east as the sun, blazing orange, was just sitting on the…

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Jump to Eleuthera

December 23 – 24. On December 23 we sailed from Marsh Harbor to Lynyard Cay where we spent the night before our jump to Eleuthera. Lynyard Cay is the southern most inlet to the Sea of Abaco and is a…

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Goodbye Eleuthera, Back in Abaco

I was so happy to be back in the Abacos. While we were in Eleuthera I mentioned something about Abaco to another sailor. He sniped back, “That’s not the Bahamas.” I imagine the Abaconians would take exception to his remark….

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May 10 — Journey back to Abaco

It’s 11:30AM May 10th, and I struggle with ways to describe how much I enjoy this life. (This is not a sentiment I felt six months ago on any given Thursday morning.) The island of Eleuthera is far behind us…

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May 6 & 7 — Rock Sound Harbour to Hatchet Bay

In a dead flat calm the water is serenely beautiful. The line that marks the horizon is too faint to mean anything. The sea, reflecting the azure color of the sky, seems to just rise up and above the boat,…

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May 4 & 5 – Harbor Lag in Rock Sound Harbour

In our neighborhood, Cabbagetown, back in Atlanta, we have a thing called “neighbor lag.” Neighbor lag is when you leave your home for a five-minute walk across the neighborhood that ends up taking 30 minutes or more. First you run…

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May 3 — Exumas to Rock Sound Harbour

On Wednesday morning we said goodbye to the Exumas. We only had a short time to spend in these islands and missed much. I would have liked to have seen the prehistoric iguanas at Allen’s Cay, the ruins of a…

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April 23 — The Water

As I languished in my seasickness on Sunday I saw a post on Facebook by a friend saying God is in the water. My friend is a surfer, she has a closer more personal relationship with the water than we…

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