Month: March 2015

Crossing the bridge to adventure

March 13 – March 22. Greg is on deck hammering, scraping, drilling, and filling the holes the stanchions are screwed down into to with something called Butyl Tape. He is fixing leaks, continuing to strike off items on our endless…

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WVO Phase I

In my earlier post I said that about half the cost of WVO conversion kit (from a company like Frybrid or GreaseCar) is for delivering heated fuel to the engine compartment. I’ve come up with an approach that’s much cheaper….

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Why WVO?

Why would anyone want to run a vehicle on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO)? Well, cost is one reason. Restaurants have to pay to get rid of the stuff, so it shouldn’t be hard too find it for free. Another reason?…

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Boat Projects

November 2014 – March 2015. While we stayed in Stuart at my folks’ house, our boat lived ten miles up US-1 at the Sunset Bay Marina. Blue Wing was hanging from a mooring ball. Most days I would row out…

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