Month: March 2013

Passage to Cat Island

We wanted to stay in Conception longer but a day of southerly wind was in the forecast. Conception has little protection from the south so we blew out of there first thing on Saturday, heading to Cat Island northwest of…

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March 19 – March 22 In the morning, flocks of Tropicbirds make passes over patches of water looking for their new day’s repast. From a distance they appear as white flakes in a shaken snow globe, gently hovering and swirling…

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Passage to Conception

Monday March 18th we wake early and start our passage to Conception. The day starts with a light southeast breeze. The first leg of our trip is through charted shallows up the remaining 15 miles of Long Island coastline. We…

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Long Island

March 15 – March 17. Omar tells us ‘I have been giving island tours for years and this will be the biggest yet’. We are the first on the bus, sitting behind him so we will be able to hear…

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Thompson Bay/Salt Pond

March 9 – March 16. We are currently anchored in Thompson Bay, Long Island near the town of Salt Pond. This bay is probably one of the prettiest bodies of waters I have seen in during our journey this season….

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Long Island Passage

It’s 6am Friday March 8th. We finally have a good weather forecast for the 35 mile trip to Long Island. The dink is tied onto the deck, and I take the sail cover off for the first time in two…

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Georgetown/Crab Cay

February 27 – March 8. Weeks before our arrival in Georgetown, I had been remarking to Greg how good I felt and how it was making such a difference this season compared to last. Days before we left Lee Stocking…

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February 21 – March 8. Georgetown is a great place to visit if you live on a shallow draft boat or have a high speed dinghy. The town itself is on Great Exuma Island. To the northeast the Stocking and…

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The Elkhorn Reef

February 15. Dear Reader, I owe you an apology. Due to indecision and a tight rein on money I have managed to fail in our mission to share with you in words and photos our adventures on the water. A…

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Lee Stocking Island

February 13 – February 19. The Perry Institute for Marine Science was established in 1970 on Lee Stocking Island. At its peak it received funding from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association and several universities. It was dedicated to…

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