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March 24 – April 10. They love the water here in Miami. They sail on it, swim in it, paddle board on it, kayak on it, row on it, land their planes on it, anchor their giganto power boats on…

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Crossing the bridge to adventure

March 13 – March 22. Greg is on deck hammering, scraping, drilling, and filling the holes the stanchions are screwed down into to with something called Butyl Tape. He is fixing leaks, continuing to strike off items on our endless…

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Bimini to Stuart

April 24 – 25. I wake on Friday the 25th to the sound of a train. Not the high clickety-clack of an Atlanta MARTA run, or the low slow chunkety-chunk of a close by freight, but still the steady, rhythmic…

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February 7 & 8 – Miami

We have been in Miami for 3 days. Tuesday morning we hoped we could sail to Fort Lauderdale and then to Miami the next day. Our plan is to leave from Miami to Bimini. Although it was sunny in West…

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Jan 19

Another day northbound on the ICW. Another ten bridges. Royal Palm bridge was broken. We danced there for an hour and 15 minutes before getting through. A sailboat don’t sit still in the water. If the current and wind are…

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Jan 18

We originally wanted to sail from Ft Lauderdale to Palm Beach, but the wind direction changed while we were delayed one day. Now we had 15-20 knots on our nose. We decided to motor up the ICW instead of sailing….

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