Hawksbill Cay

January 11. Don’t you love a surprise? Like, when you are dinking along a coastline looking at the endless limestone overhangs, stopping at one beach after another to find only sand, palm trees, and rocks, but no trails inland. Just pushing a little further in the dinghy around the next bend, past the next beach, …read more

Shroud Cay

January 8 – January 10. There are only a few bare inches under the keel of our boat. We float in a depthless hole of water. Although the wind has picked up, Blue Wing doesn’t swing on her chain or even bob and weave much. It is a little eerie, but amazingly pleasant. Only one …read more


Don’t you hate it when you’re parked safely in the wind shadow of some tiny islet, but the whole ocean is trying to rush by, making waves curl around the cay, bashing at you from the side? Boy, I do. The boat pitches left and right in a most unpleasant fashion, causing difficulty with daily …read more