March 17 – 24 — to New Plymouth

View of New Plymouth. As in many cays golf cart is the primary form of transportation.

Just a little catching up…

Sat. March 17 – The morning after the Barefoot Man the anchorage was really, really full. Greg wanted to do some swimming, so we motored up the coast of Great Guana Cay and anchored in Baker’s Bay.

Sun. March 18 – Tried to leave Baker’s Bay at low tide. Greg earned his “injun” name, Runs with Anchor (see previous post). We sail to Marsh Harbor.

Mon. March 19 – Got the Wirie. Yipee! This is the first day I really feel good – it is like a cloud has dissipated inside my head. We did chores – I cleaned the head and the refrigerator and Greg installed the Wirie and the y valve on the propane tank so we can hook up our grill.

Tues. March 20 – Provisioned, bought rum and groceries. We bought a block of ice. Inside the ice cooler with the ice was about a dozen bottles of beer. Greg jokingly asked the lady who sold us the ice how much the beer is. She said to take some. We walked away with 4 free Kalik Golds! Greg was very happy!

Wed. March 21 – Sailed to Great Guana Cay for a pot luck at Grabbers. We met some nice people.

Thurs. March 22 – Sailed through the Whale (see previous post) up to Manjack Cay.

Fri. March 23 – Explored Manjack Cay.

Sat. March 24 – Sailed to White Sound Harbor in Green Turtle Cay. We weighed anchor and then dinghied to New Plymouth.

New Plymouth

I was very keen to visit New Plymouth. There is a museum there and a bit of history. New Plymouth is a bit different than any place we have visited so far. It is an actual town with churches, residences, restaurants, grocery stores and historical sites all mixed in together. This area was settled by loyalists, people who didn’t support the American revolution, and who either fled or as they tell it were persecuted and pushed out. New Plymouth is very picturesque, so I took a few pictures. Here are some of the favorites:

There is color abounds in New Plymouth, especially in the way the buildings and homes are painted.
Sculpture garden tribute to post revolutionary British loyalists. Note Union Jack layout. (Fergit hell!)
"Ye Olde Gaol" in New Plymouth. Ye olde privy stands behind the jail.
There are wild flowers everywhere in New Plymouth, even among the artificial flowers in the historic cemetary.
Hurricanes have taken many headstones in the cemetery, but not the tribute to this seafarer.
Settlement Creek in New Plymouth.

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