Back in the Bahamas!

November 27 – 28.

Is this why conch salad’s so popular?

It is so good to be back! There is lots to tell about the summer’s adventures and our time in Florida getting ready for this season’s journey. We had a successful trip, but, unfortunately not uneventful, across the Gulf Stream to Bimini Tuesday night which we will write up as soon as we can and publish when we have another good internet connection.

Lots of posts to come. Thanks for following along!

6 thoughts on “Back in the Bahamas!

  1. Was just wondering and talking about you two the other day! Great time to hear from you and Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful you made it there safe-take care! Dian

    1. So glad you are still following along, John! The journey has been a little rough so far and we got a lot of catching up to do on posts, but we will have more coming soon!

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