COVID-19, Birding, & Guest Blogging

It’s us! We’re birders!

Since Greg and I have started traveling we have found that we are not always in control of what comes next. So many things have changed oupr path since we broke ties with living in just one location. House sitting, a broken van, a broken boat, and even a joking remark (which led to Greg and Paul’s painting business) have sent us in a different direction. This year our direction was completely derailed by COVID -19.

For the past few weeks I have been reading a series of articles about how the pandemic has affected all kinds of people on a blog called Travel Tales of Life. The blog publishers, Sue and Dave, have been soliciting stories from their readers around the world. The tales have been enlightening about how different countries have responded to the virus and how people from all walks of life in various situations have dealt with their new circumstances.

I thought Sue and Dave’s readers might be interested in our story during this unusual time. If you have been following us for the past few months you know that we have had a few challenges due to the virus but, like always, we have gone with the flow, adjusted, and figured out a new way to do what we do. The biggest change for us, though, has been our new hobby, birding.

So here is my debut as a guest blogger and the story I submitted to Travel Tales of Life…

Discovering Birding – A Positive Side to COVID-19

It was Greg’s idea to become a birder. To me birding sounded like something that required many thick tomes of bird books, sitting still for long periods of time, and toting around a heavy camera with a really long pricey lens. Kind of boring, tedious, and expensive. None of this seemed to fit our foot loose and fancy free lifestyle.

We live full time in a metal box on wheels, a converted cargo van we affectionately call Ballena Blanca (White Whale). We have traveled in her some 70,000 miles across two different countries (The United States and Mexico) over the last 3 ½ years. And in all this time I really don’t remember seeing many birds in the areas we have visited, mainly the southwestern United States.

To read more of this story follow this link to Travel Tales of Life.

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