Author: Duwan

April 8 — Cherokee Point

We finally made it to Cherokee Point on Saturday. We needed supplies so we made plans to go into town. On the chart the town looked like it was a good distance from where we were anchored. As we looked…

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April 4 – 5 — North Bar Passage

I’ve always thought of weather as this totally random thing that some rolly polly guy on TV pretends to be the expert on even though he is always wrong. According to The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, this is not the…

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Bringing home one’s dinner, not bought in a store, but rather, provided by the bounty of Mother Nature takes skill and perseverance. Fishermen throw out lines to hook their supper or dive with spears to impale a night’s meal. It…

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March 26 – White Sound, Green Turtle Cay

Usually it is reassuring when ashore to look back over the harbor or anchorage and see Blue Wing with all of the other boats tethered to their anchors, pointing into the wind, swinging ever so gently back and forth in…

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March 17 – 24 — to New Plymouth

Just a little catching up… Sat. March 17 – The morning after the Barefoot Man the anchorage was really, really full. Greg wanted to do some swimming, so we motored up the coast of Great Guana Cay and anchored in…

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Fish, Conch, The Whale and New Injun Name

FISH I’m sitting in the cockpit watching and waiting for another spotted eagle ray to leap out of the water. These guys are dark with white spots on their backs and pure white underbellies. Their wing spans exceed four feet….

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The Wirie has arrived!

The first person I ever met who was interested in sailing was a customer of mine at a bar called Cheers where I worked in 1996. He was a middle-aged Bruce Coburn listening, greyhound adopting, guilt ridden liberal from Maine….

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March 15 & 16 — Great Guana Cay

We have become sheep. It seems like everyday since we started listening to the Cruiser’s Net there has been talk about the up coming Barefoot Man concert in Great Guana Cay. He was doing two shows at a bar called…

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March 8 – 13 — Marsh Harbor

The wind howls all around Blue Wing trying to blow us back out of the harbor into the Sea of Abaco, but our anchor has its mighty iron tooth dug firmly into the mud and hold us fast as we…

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March 2 – 6 — The Sea of Abaco

We finally have a good source for weather information, Cruiser’™s Net on channel 68 on the VHF radio at 8:15 every morning. The program, based out of Hope Town, Abaco, is run by cruisers in the Abacos. People in each…

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