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  • Nomad Life & Expenses July 2023
    In July we finally landed at our first house sit of the summer in Cabbagetown. After a month of driving and visiting friends and family in June and visiting more friends and family during the first week of July, we were glad to only have the company of, Cosmo, a very affectionate cat. We tried … Read more
  • Archaeological Oaxaca
    January 26 – April 18, 2023 This post is all about the ruins we saw in Oaxaca. I know, if you have seen one crumbling building you’ve seen them all. Still, for me, like everything else, there are subtle differences, that one thing that makes a site special compared to all the others. And sometimes … Read more
  • Nomad Life & Expenses June 2023
    We had just crested an incline when the whirl of Ballena Blanca’s engine suddenly went quiet and stopped. We were on the Horace Wilkinson Bridge crossing over the Mississippi River into Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With the forward momentum we had left, Greg maneuvered the van through the traffic whizzing by us into the right lane … Read more
  • Oaxaca de Juárez
    January 27 – May 23, 2023. On our last morning in Puebla, we woke up early at our urban camping spot on the street in front of the tourist police building.  As we pulled away and drove through the downtown streets, we saw bags of trash still lining the sidewalks waiting to be picked up. … Read more
  • Nomad Life & Expenses May 2023
    Good news! The van has been repaired! If you have been following along with our monthly reports from the road you know that our beloved van, Ballena Blanca, broke down on February 1st in Oaxaca, México. If you haven’t been following along you might want to review our posts from February, March, and April. The … Read more
  • April 2023 Nomad Life Addendum – A Walk to Walmart
    April 2022. We have been living in El Rancho RV Park in El Tule, Oaxaca, México for over 4 months (Since January 24). All but one of those weeks we have been without our own transportation. Due to our, not ideal, circumstances, we have found out how resourceful we can be. We have learned to … Read more
  • Nomad Life & Expenses April 2023
    It sounds like aliens coming to beam us up. The song of cicadas bubbles up into a crescendo of an electric hum. It lasts seconds before the noise bubbles away just to start again. There is a field between us and an event space. On the weekends there is always music. It could be a … Read more
  • Day Trips from Puebla
    January 15 – January 21, 2023. While we were in Puebla we made a few excursions. Within 45 minutes to the south, north, and west we found ruins and Pueblos Magicos. So we loaded up our friends in Ballena Blanca and hit the road. Our first trip was on a Saturday so we could include … Read more
  • Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
    January 13 – 23, 2023. We awake to the sing-songy, carnival-like music of the gas truck slowly rolling down the street. As the music passes homes and apartments, it is alerting customers to come out and exchange their empty propane tanks for a full ones. The city is starting to stir. In the early morning, … Read more
  • Nomad Life & Expenses March 2023
    Lots happened in March – except for the one thing we were really hoping for, getting our van back. If you have been following along you may remember from February’s terribly tedious Nomad Report that Ballena Blanca’s (our van) transmission went out on February 1. February was consumed with everything we needed to do to … Read more