Duwan goes up the mast

It is pretty bad when things fall off your boat, but even worse when they fall from above. While on the hard our radar reflector came crashing to the deck. Someone had to put it back. Of course it makes sense for the lightest person to go up and the strongest to winch them up there. So goes the winching of the wench.

It is only slightly scarey.

It is a freaking long way up there.

Greg enjoying the view (but why isn’t he holding on to that main halyard?!).

6 thoughts on “Duwan goes up the mast

  1. I -who do not book the face or any other social media (I find my old school social socializing already overstretched & a dangerous distraction) so I am grateful for your e-mail about joining the blog & just spent the morning reading & catching up on all your adventures. Looking very Yare y’all. Safe adventures.

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