2 Weeks and 3 Days on the Hard

It has been 2 weeks and 3 hard days on the hard, but we have accomplished a lot, including:

Added a new battery dedicated to the engine and repacked the stuffing box.
Installed a new head pump. No more plunging (I hope!).
Cleaned the refrigerator compressor with a wire brush and Ospho then painted with Rustoleum.
Center bus left - positive unswitched. Center bus right - positive switched. Right bus - DC negatives.
Installed a Wirieap wifi booster.
Installed a wind generator.
Installed an inverter to convert DC to AC electricity, allowing us to use appliances and recharge batteries while anchored.
Painted the bottom of the hull.
Added a dynaplate to the hull and ground electrical wires to it. The forward ground bolt is coated with gold!
Shopped for provisions and stocked Blue Wing.
...and stocked even more provisions.

And besides all of this we laundered the cockpit seat cushions, changed the water filter, changed the oil, spent way too much money at West Marine, removed the old boat name and had Blue Wing added to the transom, replaced the engine zinc, Replaced the prop and rudder zincs, fixed the hatch in the head, lubed the shifter, patched the dinghy, assembled the new gas grill, flushed and refilled the water tanks, and learned lots, lots, lots!

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