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Orion has been our nighttime companion since we first crossed to Bimini. He’s the first constellation to show his face after the sun sets. He lunges forward, preceded by his Great Dane (Canis Major) and followed by his beagle (Canis Minor). They aren’t coming for us, but are headed toward some threat we just haven’t yet seen.

Usually there is little ambient light around us. All the constellations call out for recognition. Personally, I’m not that good at recognizing them. Oh, I can spot the Big Dipper and use it to find the North Star. (Actually, this is a nightly exercise. You should know that I came by habits like these honestly. My mother checks the stove burners each night to make sure they are still Off. And, since I can, I check Polaris to make sure north is still north.) Sadly, though, I don’t know many other constellations yet.

Back to Orion. If I were a real ape man would I even spot him in the sky? I’d like to think so. He and his mutts show up early, ready to rumble. He’s obviously a dude. His belt is cinched tight, not like some super model’s low slung belt. And ‘Is that a sword hanging from your belt, or are you just glad to see us?’

But this time of year, as he rotates further to the right, and sinks lower into the western sky, he looks less and less virile, and more and more like a chalk outline of Mr. Bill, after he’s been pushed off the Empire State building by Sluggo.

Anyways, it’s time to find the remote and switch channels. Our buddy Orion won’t be around to entertain us much longer.

2 thoughts on “Sailor TV

  1. here in Atlanta we don’t get to see many stars,so I’m only remembering how beautiful the sky is when you’re on a boat. We really are flecks in this universe! Missing your faces in c-town.

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