Several years ago I learned that Doc Watson’s family was so poor his father used cat hides to stretch over the heads of banjos. My first thought was ‘Gosh, there IS some use for cats’.

But after house-sitting this summer I have many new cat pals. Most of these are pets of women who coddle and coo over them. I think they enjoyed having a guy around to tease them, give them something to swat at, and generally mess with their brains.

When you go on vacation next summer I would be glad to make sure your cats are exhausted when you get back. Here is a list of my references. (Photos by Duwan Dunn).

Nola watches cat TV on the front porch.
Cosmo guards the porch.
Otis doesn’t just whine. He converses. Here, perched on his throne, he explains why he doesn’t trust the election projections by Fox News.
Big-hearted Governor BearCat gets wet food in the morning. He secretly saves off some for Marble Mable.
Yard cat Marble Mable would have to survive on dry food if not for the gallantry of Governor BearCat.
Hollis protects his domain.
Bodhi enjoys the freedom of porch life, but he also appreciates indoor dining. If you forget to open that window in the morning, he will give it a scratch to remind you.
Trudy spends her days in this upstairs room, posing for imaginary glamour shots. While the presence of strangers usually prompts a quick dive under the bed, today she relaxed enough to do this quick pose for Duwan.
Many people have thought they were taking care of Mister Bella. Actually, he takes care of himself and runs the north end of Tye Street. Nothing important happens without his knowledge or consent.
Mister Jimmy is proud of his lion-styled hair cut. If mice invaded the Stacks Lofts, his life would be complete.

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