Head East

Great Sale Cay.

December 4 through December 11

Bruce and Greg rock Old Bahama Bay.
It’s nice to leave one place and arrive at another with enough time to explore. After days of steady travel we were able to go ashore for a little R&R at Powell Cay.

Last Tuesday we stayed for our second night at Old Bahama Bay, resting up and temporarily fixing the mainsail. The sail has two ‘reef’ points so it can be shortened in high winds. We have enough slug to support it above the second reef point. So now we can just use the top half of the sail until getting replacement parts.

Powell Cay seems abundant with wild life like this crab bowing up at the big human with the camera stalking it though the water.
Tuesday night our neighbor Bruce came over for some tacos and a little harmonica music.

Wednesday we started heading east. We traveled over Grand Bahama Island, stopping at Mangrove Cay, then at Great Sale Cay. Next we stayed at Foxtown on Little Abaco Island. Saturday we made it to Powell Cay and now we are in White Sound at Green Turtle Cay in the Sea of Abaco.

Great Sale Cay.

The sailing is pretty slow with only half a mainsail. The prevailing winds are easterly, so we are always beating into the wind. Generally, we start out sailing, then motor when it becomes clear we won’t make our destination by dark.

From here we’d like to go down to Marsh Harbor. Hopefully we can get replacement parts there.

Friday morning we woke up to beautiful calm waters at Foxtown.