Spanish Wells

April 11.

Tom and Jeans’s ‘Done Reach’ cottage (behind palm tree). Like many Spanish Wellsians they get around by golf cart.

Thursday we sailed ten miles up to Spanish Wells to see Jean and Tom in their cottage ‘Done Reach’. We had visited with them last year, and wanted to swap books in their excellent book exchange (Lots of Sci-Fi and non fiction. No romance or self help).

We planned to actually spend a little money using one of the mooring balls close to their house, but the moorings were all occupied. So we anchored off the choppy south side of town and had a slow sloppy dinghy ride in. We found Jean and Tom in good health. We swapped ten books, and returned to the boat. We decided our Current Cay anchorage was more pleasant so we sailed back.

Duwan always has a plan for supper, but today we were sailing during her cooking time. I remarked that if it wouldn’t use up so much propane, I would like a stuffed baked potato. We put our heads together and came up with a quicker way to make one.

Oldest house in Spanish Wells, where it’s always Christmas.
All age school in Spanish Wells.
Spanish Wells is a busy place. There is a lot of boat traffic. And be careful walking the streets. You might get run over by a golf cart.
Lobster boats at Spanish Wells.

Lobster boats at Spanish Wells.

Sailor Spuds
Cut two or three potatoes in half lengthwise.
Steam in a pressure cooker under pressure for 8 minutes.
Turn off heat and use quick release valve to vent the steam out.
Cook the halves on the grill a few minutes to crisp up the skins.
Scoop out the potato guts, mix in whatever you want, and restuff the skins.

We topped ours with chili and ‘Gwen’s Homemade’ hot pepper sauce from Long Island. I like salty potato skins. Next time I’ll try pre-soaking the spuds in sea water.

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