The Holidays at Indiantown Marina

Ellen and Duwan having fun at 60s night.

November 18 – December 24, 2017.

Saturday was The 60s night with groovy round sunglasses, glow ring necklaces and bracelets, food, beer, and a Beatles cover band. Sunday was a lay day. Monday was Country night with cowboy hats, sheriff stars, bandanas, food, beer, and a Country and Western band. Tuesday was a lay day – but that was fine because its always Taco Tuesday at JRs. Wednesday was dinghy races during the afternoon, and a wine tasting, food, beer, and the band everyone liked from last year in the evening. And, finally, Thursday was the holiday we had been building up to, Thanksgiving, with, of course, more food and drink.

The fourth week of November is a big deal at Indiantown Marina. Hurricane season is almost over, the marina is full of people, most of whom have been working hard on their boats for months or weeks getting ready for the sailing season. And then the parties happen, a week long affair thrown by marina owner, Scott, and the amazing marina staff.

It is no small deal. The week before the start of the event the staff starts working overtime sprucing the place up, doing extra landscaping, sweeping the parking lot, and erecting a huge tent. And then, for 4 nights we were pampered and catered to, transformed from grotty yachties to honored guests. It was kinda weird.

Although we have been working at the marina during Thanksgiving in the past, we have usually not been living at the marina and have not been able to attended all the festivities. This year, not only were we living there the whole week, we had been there long enough that we had a burgeoning little posse to hang with.

Probably the most fun we had was the Poker Run. You might be familiar with a motorcycle Poker Run usually done for charity – bikers ride from place to place picking up playing cards and at the last stop, who ever has the best poker hand wins. The Indiantown Poker Run was similar, except there was no charity and we rowed (or motored) in our dinghies around the marina picking up cards. There were 3 prizes. Greg and I got second! A $50 gift certificate to the marina.

The marina sponsored one more party the day before Christmas. It was much more laid back, comfortable afternoon affair with food, beer, entertainment provided by the burgeoning grotty yachty marina band who were calling themselves Train Wreck, and lots of good friends.

Right now, this very minute, we are boondocking in Borrego Springs, California. The weather channel app on my phone says the wind is blowing 25 mph here, but it feels like much more. The van rocks and we can’t go outside, but we are glad that we aren’t pitching back and forth on the boat in an anchorage somewhere. We spent the previous 4 days in internet/communication silence camping in Anza-Borrego State Park. Although the news is terrible, we are enjoying being back in touch. Right now we have no plans. I have ordered some things on Amazon and in a few days when they arrive we will drive to Palm Springs to pick them up at an Amazon Locker. After that, quien sabe (who knows)?

* All pics are click to enlarge.

Duwan and Greg sporting some of the party favors from the 60s night – round sunglasses and glow ring necklaces.
The parties were so popular one of the posse would always show up early to save a table. There would always end up being more people than we planned for, but we would squeeze them in anyways.
The Beatles cover band.
The band for Country night was just so-so, but the hat and bandana party favors rocked.
Tina and Doug. We hadn’t know them for too long at this point, but it didn’t take much longer before they were an integral party of our party posse.
Ellen. Doesn’t everyone look so cute in the hats and bandanas?
Ted and Sandy. Tuesday’s lay day meant at trip to JRs for Taco Tuesday and even though we meant to keep it a low key night somehow we ended up back on the patio playing music and sowing the seeds that would become Train Wreck.
The Dinghy Poker Run. What do you think, does Greg love to row?
Dinkers approaching a boat for card.
Handing out poker cards.
Spectators cheering everyone on.
Scott, the marina owner, inspects the poker hands.
The winners of the Poker Run show their winning hands. *Pic by Ellen.
The third night of festivities included a wine tasting. Marina employee, Alex, who usually works with the Travelift, played bartender for the evening.
Under the big tent – the line for the buffet on Wednesday night.
The band from last year that everyone liked.
The gang gathered for Christmas Eve lunch.
Ted with Bob, mayor of Indiantown. Bob is as cool and as hip as he looks rocking that mohawk.
Meri and the remnants of good eats and drinks.
Ted decides its time to break out the moonshine. Tina thinks not.
Train Wreck. From the humble beginnings of a drunken night after Taco Tuesday to preforming for the masses of Indiantown.
Everyone loved Greg’s accordion, but they really loved Mike’s clarinet.
Greg plays it with feeling.

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    1. It was so long ago – but we are getting caught up! I left my cowboy hat on the boat – it is too big for the van, but I brought my cowboy bandana and round hippy glasses.

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