The Indiantown Marina Party Posse

“Moose balls!” kind of sounds like a mild expletive. Like something you would say if you broke a nail, spilled a glass of milk, or missed your exit ramp. I could say sailors use mild expletives like this all the time, but that is a lie, any expletive a sailor would use would be much …read more

The Holidays at Indiantown Marina

November 18 – December 24, 2017. Saturday was The 60s night with groovy round sunglasses, glow ring necklaces and bracelets, food, beer, and a Beatles cover band. Sunday was a lay day. Monday was Country night with cowboy hats, sheriff stars, bandanas, food, beer, and a Country and Western band. Tuesday was a lay day …read more

Dinner with Friends at Brown’s Marina

April 18 – 23. Glasses full of red wine are raised up in the air. “Here’s to Rich and Amy!” We are in the salon of Teresa and Wade’s boat, our next-door neighbors at Brown’s Marina. The table is set with real china, real glassware, placemats, and cloth napkins. I look around and see a …read more