Artful La Paz

Duwan and Greg pose with the La Paz sign on the malecón.

February 13 – 16

We spent four days in La Paz. It is the capital city of Baja California Sur and as far as cities in Baja go, relatively big. It has a lovely malecón that stretches 5.5 km along its waterfront beaches. This wide walkway is dotted with sculptures, places to recreate, and sit and enjoy the view. Restaurants line the street across from the boardwalk packed with tourists. But as you migrate further from the water the city starts to bloom. A bustling business district, a hipster avenue, the historic oldtown, Mexican markets, and art.

There is art everywhere. No matter where we roamed there were beautiful sculptures, architecture, and lots of murals. Lots and lots of murals. Here is just a sampling of what we saw on our walks.

* All pics are click to enlarge. Once you have them enlarged you can view them in a slide show.

View from the malecón at sunset.

Do you like public art? What is your favorite “artful city?”

9 thoughts on “Artful La Paz

    1. There was less people on the weekdays and many of these pictures were taken off the beaten path. There really is art everywhere in La Paz.

    1. Gracias y de nada! There is art all over Mexico but La Paz seemed to have a bit extra. The murals are all amazing. We are back in La Paz now and as we were driving in I saw even more art!

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