April 22 – Sorry. It SUX

Here we are, still in Governor’s Harbor. Here is what Duwan has done today. Eat an orange I peeled for her. Here is what I have done today. Wash dishes. Oh, I did get concerned that that we were getting too close to shore. We relocated to a different spot because the wind had shifted. The wind has been 20 knots all day. It’s so rough here we literally cannot do anything while standing unless one hand is holding onto something secure. Our home tips 20 degrees from right to left each second. There are only three anchorages in Eleuthera for westerly winds. They are each a day’s travel apart. This is the second most favorable anchorage. There is simply nowhere to go until the wind changes. I brace my feet to hold the computer in my lap. I hold onto my drink or it will fly off the table. Duwan has real motion sickness. I feel for her. I just get tired of not being able to move around without getting hurled into something.

3 thoughts on “April 22 – Sorry. It SUX

  1. So sorry–guess you have to take the good with the bad. We’re excited about coming to visit. We’re thinking mid to late June. Work for you guys?

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