Jan 10th

We’ve made a little progress since arriving in Stuart, Fl Sunday night. Monday we did some research. We also found a friendly boat yard in nearby Port Salerno.

Tuesday we did the 90 minute drive to Ft. Lauderdale to work on the boat’s lifelines. The lines are upper and lower level plastic coated steel cables that run the length of the boat on both sides. We removed the old lines and took them to the West Marine Superstore to have the new lines made in their image.

The old lines are a portrait of the evolution of connectors over the past 28 years. The plastic coating has been replaced by tape on some large sections of the lines.

First, we marked the locations of all of them to use as examples when installing the new lines. Then we tried unscrewing the existing connections. Many were rusted and had to be broken apart. The lines were under tension. When Duwan broke a couple of connections the lines hit her leaving nasty bruises.

Meanwhile, in Stuart, we are staying at my parents’ house in a gated golf course community. We are just west of the number 13 green. We have some interesting neighbors. Like Cabbagetown, it is easy to greet folks walking down the street. Like Cabbagetown, we learn the names of their dogs before we learn their names. But instead of cats and ‘possums we see sandhill cranes and alligators.

1 thought on “Jan 10th

  1. totally impressed you got right to work after a great, late, last night (for now) in cabbagetown. sorry to hear of duwan’s injury with snapping lines, speedy recovery! vitamin C with bioflavonoids may help heal the damage more quickly.

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