Jan 19

Another day northbound on the ICW. Another ten bridges. Royal Palm bridge was broken. We danced there for an hour and 15 minutes before getting through. A sailboat don’t sit still in the water. If the current and wind are on your nose you can kind of idle slowly facing ahead. If the current or wind are pushing you from behind toward the bridge you have to dance a bit. You can motor in a tight circle or spin in place. (Using the prop-walk that pulls you to the left every time you back up, you can steer hard right and use forward/reverse/wind/and current to spin on a dime.) All this dancing is a lot more exciting each time another boat queues up to wait for the bridge to open.

We anchored in Palm Beach just below the Lake Worth inlet. We did the math and decided it would take another 1.5 days to get to Port Salerno. You can’t sail straight from here because the inlets to the north are sketchy. Our car has been in a park-and-ride since Monday. We are thinking it might get towed as an abandoned car if we leave it much longer.

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