Jan 20

We decide to haul out at nearby Cracker Boy’s instead of motoring up to Port Salerno. Our haul-out is scheduled for 2pm. This gives us time to macerate. Yep. Maceration is some pretty dirty stuff. It’s so dirty there are restrictions. You can only do it it you are at least three miles offshore. Actually maceration is using an electric macerator pump to pump the waste out of your holding tank. So we head out the inlet to do some pumping.

After emptying the holding tank we decide to sail a bit. Duwan steers into the wind and I haul on the main halyard to raise the mainsail. The top (head) of the sail gets caught in some lazy jack lines. While I am fooling with it I step on something sharp with my barefoot right heel cutting out a little chunk. All of the sudden I am slipping around in blood. We decide to lower the main, go back in, and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until 2pm.

Back at the anchorage we chat with a guy who is single-handedly sailing his 42′ ketch to the keys. He says it’s a little harder sailing alone now because his knees are going bad. I sympathize.

Haul-out was uneventful. The boat is secured on blocks now. We caught a bus to the intermodal station where we faced a two hour wait for the express bus to the Stuart park-and-ride.

We met an enchanting lady as we waited. She was styling in her matching Van Gogh shoes and handbag. She didn’t even look close to her age of 75 years. We learned all about her family and cats and parted looking forward to seeing her again. Now we are back in Stuart with our car.

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