February 14 — Miami

Greg takes the dink for a spin

Today was the first time either one of us has left Blue Wing since we boarded her over a week ago. Greg took the dingy for a spin, which is technically off the boat, but not off of the water. We found out the dingy still has leaks, but that our new outboard works great!

We have been having troubles with our wifi booster, the WirieAP, since this past Thursday. The manufacturer and I have been emailing back and forth since Friday trying to determine the problem. We finally determined that it’s broke. So… they want it mailed back so they can fix it and send us a new one. Of course if we were on land this would be easy – and actually to my surprise it wasn’t so difficult, although it did involve a trip to the hard.

We hadn’t really been able to determine much about our little cove where we are anchored beyond what we could see. But with the magic of my phone I discovered that there is a bus that comes close by and could take us almost directly to a post office. So we boarded the dingy and went ashore!

Once we arrive in the Bahamas and settle on somewhere to stay for a while we will email the wifi booster company and ask them to ship the new WirieAP to us there, but until that time I am not sure how much we will be able to be in touch via internet. We were counting on the booster so we wouldn’t have to go ashore every time we wanted to email or make a post.

We hope to leave for the Bahamas sometime this week – so, we should have more tales and what not soon and hopefully internet access to share it with all of our followers.

BTW – thanks for following! Your comments help encourage us to keep this blog going.

Miami Sunset

5 thoughts on “February 14 — Miami

  1. Gorgeous sunset!

    Btw, on the wifi booster, I think it’s supposed to happen this way. I”m betting this is a signal from the universe that you guys need to disconnect from the land and truly explore the open sea. It’s your first big sail on Blue Wing, and you are stocked, stoked, and ready to explore. Screw the internet. 😉

    Having said that, I’ll be VERY excited to hear another update from you once you’re connected again.

    Godspeed… 🙂

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