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2014/2015 Wrap Up

There she stands, tall and still, the hot Indiantown sun beating down on her ash covered decks, a lonely breeze quietly whistling through her naked rigging. Spring, summer and now fall, she has stood side by side with her sisters…

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A little sail

April 17 – Arpil 20. We first noticed them coming from the wrong direction, heading towards the mooring ball with the wind on their stern. Three burly guys on a sailboat, one leaned over the side with a boat hook…

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David and Michelle Visit!

April 14 – 18. We love to share our sailing journey, so when our friends David and Michelle asked if they could come see us while we were in Miami, we said, “Come on!” As their visit grew near I…

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March 24 – April 10. They love the water here in Miami. They sail on it, swim in it, paddle board on it, kayak on it, row on it, land their planes on it, anchor their giganto power boats on…

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Stuart to Miami

November 19 – November 25. Woo Hoo! We’re underway. It’s November 19th. We asked to raise the Roosevelt drawbridge at sunup. We motored out the St. Lucie inlet. And we’re now sailing south in the Atlantic Ocean. Stuart and the…

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February 14 — Miami

Today was the first time either one of us has left Blue Wing since we boarded her over a week ago. Greg took the dingy for a spin, which is technically off the boat, but not off of the water….

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February 9-12 — Miami

At our anchorage last night we had gusts of wind up to 20 knots. Blue Wing rocked and swung and the lazy jacks clattered against the mast making a horrible racket throughout the night. I worried we would slip anchor,…

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February 7 & 8 – Miami

We have been in Miami for 3 days. Tuesday morning we hoped we could sail to Fort Lauderdale and then to Miami the next day. Our plan is to leave from Miami to Bimini. Although it was sunny in West…

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