June 1 — Treasure Cay — D & K Visit Last Day

The final walk on the beach at Treasure Cay.

Friday was Bahamian Labor Day. Debbie and Karen started with breakfast out and then walking and swimming at the beach. Duwan and I caught up with them later.

Walking back to the business area we found that just about everything was closed for the holiday. Debbie needed to return a rental cell phone and get her deposit back, but the rental place was closed. There was a golf cart rental place open and she convinced the manager to give her the deposit and return the phone for her.

Unfortunately when fishing out the contract agreement and phone she dropped something else. Fortunately she also forgot that the phone charger was still on the boat. More about this later.

We all set out for Coco’s for lunch. We needed a quick meal so the girls could make their flight. On the way we ran into Wilson, who Debbie and Karen had talked with before. He recommended the Bahama Beach Club for lunch. We walked there to check it out.

The BBC mainly caters to guests who are staying there. The waitress, who was very kind, ran a charge card through to the office to get us a ‘guest’ number. The restaurant wasn’t really open yet, but she put in our orders. We watched in the open air bar as our meals were prepared and some conch was pounded with a tenderizing mallet. The service was great here and we really enjoyed our meals.

Gazebo on the Beach.

Back at the boat Debbie found the phone charger and I took it to the manager. He looked at me curiously and asked if I was related to Debbie. I said no and explained that she was a friend visiting us this week. He said she had accidentally dropped something. I asked if I could return it to her. He thought not. I asked if I could tell her what it was. He thought not. I explained that she was leaving to catch a flight. He thought she should just come by before she left. I went back and told her about the conversation. She will have to finish this story.

So after a week of paradise we saw the girls to their cab. The boat was a bit battered, but no one got hurt. It was nice for us to shower all week in marinas, eat out in restaurants, and sit on bar stools. The nicest part, though, was getting to share this time with our very special friends.

Paradise Lost

It had been an action-packed week. We went back to the boat, slept until high tide, then sailed six miles down to anchor off Water Cay, where conditions returned to normal. It was the start of several days of wind and rain, with brief glimpses of the sun. Debbie and Karen picked a great time to visit, and we are glad they brought good weather with them.

2 thoughts on “June 1 — Treasure Cay — D & K Visit Last Day

  1. Awesome! Loved reading this full report (all the posts). I can’t wait to be the subject in future blog posts. We will work it out, I assure you. 🙂

    1. Brandon – can’t wait until you are the subject of future blogs! And aboard helping us sail. Yes, we will work something out!

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