Coconut Bread, Crown of Thorns, and Pigs

March 17 – 19. We awoke to a significant side to side roll with a strong current. Greg got the wind forecast, which was ominous indeed. Winds were forecast to be out of the South at 20 knots +, fading to 15 knots in the afternoon and swinging to the Southwest overnight. ‘Duck for cover’ …read more

Hawksbill Cay, Sea Aquarium and Thunderball Grotto

March 14-16. We woke up fairly early and had breakfast before heading out onto the bank as we headed up to Hawksbill Cay. The wind was blowing out of the Northeast at 20 knots, and we made 7+ knots the entire sail. I sailed the whole way in 4 foot seas, loving every minute of …read more

Into the Blue

March 12 & 13. I’ve been reading Greg & Duwan’s blog for 3 years, and talked to them at length about their sailing adventures. We were neighbors in Cabbagetown and when I heard about their leap into the unknown, I was hooked. They gave me an open invitation to join them whenever I could. The …read more

Karen’s Trip Part II

February 18 – February 20. From Cambridge Cay we went to O’Brien’s Cay to do some snorkeling. First stop was the Sea Aquarium. Then, after buzzing past Little Hall’s Pond Cay, we checked out a plane wreck. From there we went to stay for the night between Pipe Cay and Little Pipe Cay. In the …read more

June 1 — Treasure Cay — D & K Visit Last Day

Friday was Bahamian Labor Day. Debbie and Karen started with breakfast out and then walking and swimming at the beach. Duwan and I caught up with them later. Walking back to the business area we found that just about everything was closed for the holiday. Debbie needed to return a rental cell phone and get …read more

May 31 — Man-O-War to Treasure Cay — D & K Visit Day 7

Man-O-War Cay has a character all its own. Settled by hard-toiling Methodist loyalists, it is still a working island where boats are built and repaired. MOW is very quiet. You can’t buy alcohol and you won’t get served food on a deck if you are shirtless, but we wanted to make sure the girls got …read more

May 30 — White Sound to Matt Lowes Cay — D & K Visit Day 6

When I was thinking about places to visit before Debbie and Karen arrived I thought about Hopetown. Greg and I hadn’t been there yet. The water leading to the harbor is very shallow for a long way out and it would be a taxing journey with our deep draft boat. I thought maybe we would …read more

May 29 — Tilloo Cay to Sea Spray Marina — D & K Visit Day 5

A very nice reef surrounds the first dot of land sticking up out of the water nearest the blue house with all of the barking dogs off of Tilloo Cay above Tavern Cay. On Tuesday morning I got into the water to explore the reef along with everyone else. The fish are not over abundant …read more

May 28 — Marsh Harbor to Tilloo Cay — D & K Visit Day 4

On Monday morning we all visited mermaid reef. It was popular place to be. Several large catamarans surrounded the area, a few small crafts were tied up to the moorings, a group arrived on paddle boards, and tour guides pointed out tropical fish in the water to tourists as they drifted through the area on …read more

May 27 — Great Guana Cay to Marsh Harbour — D & K Day Three

After little sleep Saturday night we woke up to a rolly marina on Sunday morning. Orchid Bay Marina is open to the sea of Abaco on the south side. A wall of large rocks helps to keep the waves from rocking the marina, but an unpleasant surge still manages to get in. We assessed the …read more