Back to Black Point

February 5 – February 6.

This Royal Tern watches over the Black Point anchorage.

‘I’m not sure how you are going to follow that one’ said my loving wife. Stuart and Steph had just performed Leonard Cohen’s ‘Allelujah’. Stuart played the guitar and sang while Steph accompanied him on the violin. Suddenly it was very quiet in Lorraine’s. Well, he’s a New Zealander and she’s from England. At first I thought maybe they just didn’t know they were supposed to toss out easy songs that anyone could play along with. But looking back I realize that a gauntlet had been thrown. This friendly jam session would become a balladeer battle.

It was Wednesday February 6th. We arrived back in Black Point, Great Guana Cay, Exumas yesterday. We had a couple of afternoon beers at Lorraine’s, met Dave, a harmonica playing cruiser from Little Wing and arranged to play there today for the gathering pre-supper crowd. Dave must have mentioned it to Stuart and Steph from the sailing vessel Matador.

Earlier today Duwan and I tramped all over the north end of the cay, walking down a long road, through the makings of a resort where progress had stalled, into a mangrove swamp to see an old wrecked boat, on through the mangroves to climb cliffs on the Exuma Sound side, and back through long stretches of beach. All the while I was trying to remember good harmonica songs to play with Dave.

A first the jam had an easy friendly get-to-know-each-other feel. Dave had made it clear he just wanted to play backup on the harp. I did talk him into singing a Lovin’ Spoonful song he knew. It sounded good. And I was able to sing and play along with Stuart and Steph.

Now as the diners trickled in to have drinks before the buffet, it was a Tom Petty rip-off followed by a real Tom Petty cover. Then Stuart’s Kinks song reminded me of one I could play on the uke. Next was a pair of Dylan songs. It seemed that every time I played one of my redneck tunes, Stuart was able to find something in his categorized song notebooks to top it. Dave and I just watched as he and Steph played Bowie’s ‘Major Tom’. His one bawdy song was even funnier than all of mine. I know, I laughed louder at it than anyone else.

Now Lorraine’s was full and dinner was ready. I had told Lorraine we would stop then so the diners could talk with each other. I tried wrapping up with a sing-a-long of ‘Jambalaya’. Stuart and Steph played ‘What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor’. Of course, everyone knew the words.

The only way to stop us was by letting us put food in our mouths. Even after grabbing a bite he and I played a couple of quieter songs. Then the competition was over. Everyone parted as friends. And best of all, we are still allowed to go back to Lorraine’s.

Anchorage at Black Point.
Palm trees on Great Guana.
Looking out over the north end of Great Guana.
Coming out of the mangroves to the coast of Great Guana.
Cliff at the entrance to mangrove swamp on Great Guana.
Rock formation on crumbling coast of Great Guana.
Look quick. This may be crumbled to bits when you come back next year.

Rock formation on Great Guana coast.

Dave, Greg, Steph, and Stuart playing at Lorraine’s Restaurant.

The crew of Matador. Steph reads music and has played for a while. Stuart has only played guitar for three years.
You know a harp player is lying if he says he doesn’t sing. Had to coax it out of him, but Dave from Little Wing sings and plays a Lovin’ Spoonful song.
Stuart laughs, but at the same time he flips through his notebook to find a song that will top this one.
Pre-supper crowd starts to gather at Lorraine’s. The woman behind the bar is getting her own drink from the cooler.