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The Berrys

April 9 – April 18. Midnight, and the boat heaves from side to side. Time for the bridle drill. I go up on deck, pull in a kellet line, release the hook, and secure a bridle to the anchor line….

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How not to meet your neighbors

April 7 – 9. DUWAN: Bang!…Bang! It was about 11pm and I had been trying to fall asleep. I was hearing some weird noises. A dry bag had been left clothes pinned to a life line, I was worried about…

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Goodbye to Black Point

April 5 – April 7. We have one month left. Our first two seasons we decided when it was time to go back. Blue Wing and crew were seemingly held together by twine and bandages. This season we’ve simply run…

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Sou’ Side

March 27 – April 4. I love being in the middle of nowhere. No boats in sight, no people, no signs of civilization, no voices on the VHF radio. Only the sound of the wind rushing through the rigging, the…

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To Thompson Bay

March 19 – 25. On March 19th we saw Brandon off at the airport on Staniel Cay. Your humble narrator thought that a few beers from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club might help us melt from ‘visitor vacation’ mode back…

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Coconut Bread, Crown of Thorns, and Pigs

March 17 – 19. We awoke to a significant side to side roll with a strong current. Greg got the wind forecast, which was ominous indeed. Winds were forecast to be out of the South at 20 knots +, fading…

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Hawksbill Cay, Sea Aquarium and Thunderball Grotto

March 14-16. We woke up fairly early and had breakfast before heading out onto the bank as we headed up to Hawksbill Cay. The wind was blowing out of the Northeast at 20 knots, and we made 7+ knots the…

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Into the Blue

March 12 & 13. I’ve been reading Greg & Duwan’s blog for 3 years, and talked to them at length about their sailing adventures. We were neighbors in Cabbagetown and when I heard about their leap into the unknown, I…

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All By Myself

February 24 – March 1. I was alone. Very much alone. Hours earlier I had watched Greg board a plane at Staniel Cay. He was headed back to the States for the weekend to meet his very first Grandchild. Back…

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Karen’s Trip Part II

February 18 – February 20. From Cambridge Cay we went to O’Brien’s Cay to do some snorkeling. First stop was the Sea Aquarium. Then, after buzzing past Little Hall’s Pond Cay, we checked out a plane wreck. From there we…

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