Karen! Karen! Karen!

January 15 – January 17.

Karen. Karen. Karen! Panoramic view from north side of Cambridge Cay. Somebody just couldn’t stay still while Duwan panned the horizon. Click the picture to enlarge. Click the back button in your browser to get back to the blog.

Our friend Karen flew down from Cabbagetown for a visit. She arrived at Black Point on Friday afternoon. We still had some west wind, so we stayed off the boat until after dark. We walked to the east side of the isle to watch the full moon rise, then had an excellent pizza at Dashamon’s. (Karen also brought some great snacks!)

We had a rocky night at Black Point but perfect weather the rest of her trip. From here we took a short hop to Gaulin Cay.

Karen on the a beach at Gaulin Cay.
Iguana attack!
You aren’t supposed to molest the iguanas, but this one came to us. Apparently they don’t get much entertainment.
Not too close!
…kids who climb on rocks…

From Gaulin we went past Harvey Cay and anchored off Staniel Cay west of the Thunderball Grotto.

Karen suns on the bow as we pass Harvey Cay.
In the Thunderball Grotto.
Above the water line in Thunderball Grotto.
Daylight streams through the ceiling of Thunderball Grotto.
Karen diving.
Gotta check under all the rocks.
Swimming out of the grotto.
Karen and Greg relax behind the boat at the Thunderball Grotto. There’s a bit of current here.

On Sunday we sailed up to Cambridge Cay (AKA Little Bell’s Cay), which is in the Exuma Land and Sea Park.

View of Cambridge Cay with Bell Rock on the left. Click on the image to enlarge. Click the back button in your browser to return to the blog.
On the iron shore of Cambridge Cay.
Greg & Duwan on trail at Cambridge.
Raft up happy hour at Cambridge Cay. The rangers on Rachel (in the hard body boat) were the hosts. We are tied up beside John and Lois of Astar.

To Be Continued…

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