Wordless Wednesday: Arco, Idaho

Welcome to Arco, Idaho. Today we are doing a Wordless Wednesday. And who needs words when you have a town as interesting as Arco, Idaho. Add your own captions below in the comments. And as always, pics are click to enlarge, click the edges of the enlarged photos to view in a slide show.


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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Arco, Idaho

  1. Looks like Honey’s has developed quite a bit since I spent a couple of nights there a few years ago.
    I had exactly the grilled ham & cheese sandwich my mouth was yearning for at Pickles.
    I think Hiroshima was the first place “lit” by atomic energy.

    1. Not sure when Honey’s added the hostel but I think Scar told us something like – someone gave him a bus he didn’t need so he turned it into a hostel for those that want a break from tent camping. I’m sure Honey’s will always be a work in progress.

      Didn’t get a chance to visit Pickles but it looked like a popular place.

  2. I love Idaho. We had a vacation planned this year and Idaho was on the list. We had to cancel because of the virus, but one of these days I’ll reschedule.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

    1. No, I wasn’t too sore from the epic 11.6 mile hike through Glacier! I think since we walk almost every day, that helped.

      Wordless Wednesday is a interesting challenge. I may start doing more.

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