Author: Greg

Rust Never Sleeps

What a great day to be out on the deck! Actually it’s overcast with 100 percent chance of rain and a prediction of gale force winds. The guy next door is running a loud generator. Occasionally a sea turtle, laughing…

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May 10 — Journey back to Abaco

It’s 11:30AM May 10th, and I struggle with ways to describe how much I enjoy this life. (This is not a sentiment I felt six months ago on any given Thursday morning.) The island of Eleuthera is far behind us…

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April 24 – 26 — To the Exumas

On April 24th, with wind starting from the west and shifting to northwest, we decided to sail from Governor’s Harbor to southern Eleuthera, the jumping off place for the Exumas. We wanted to stop at a marina in south Eleuthera…

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April 22 – Sorry. It SUX

Here we are, still in Governor’s Harbor. Here is what Duwan has done today. Eat an orange I peeled for her. Here is what I have done today. Wash dishes. Oh, I did get concerned that that we were getting…

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April 21 — Earth Day at Governor’s Harbour

It’s not even Earth Day yet, but we are completely exhausted from Earth Day celebrations. We sit in the lone sailboat in Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera, listening to Bahamian ‘Rake and Scrape’ and Junkanoo music come across the water from Bay…

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Sailor TV

Orion has been our nighttime companion since we first crossed to Bimini. He’s the first constellation to show his face after the sun sets. He lunges forward, preceded by his Great Dane (Canis Major) and followed by his beagle (Canis…

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April 16 — The Current

To get to Eleuthera from Royal Island you go through Current Cut. We had read all the usual blah, blah, blah. Only attempt this in broad daylight with no wind and the tide going your direction after a full moon….

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Lobstering in Spanish Wells

Say you’re some 16 year old buck who was born and raised in Spanish Wells. You’re going to graduate high school this year. Does this mean you want to go off to some big city college on a continent and…

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April 9 & 10 — Escape From Abaco

Our anchorage at Cherokee Point was fine until the wind died out. Then we were at the mercy of the tides. The waves constantly rocked the boat sideways making Duwan ill. We left Cherokee Point on Great Abaco Island at…

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April 6 — Little Harbor

When I last mentioned Little Harbor it was described as our first haven in the Abacos. Basically it was a resting spot that was calmer than the Atlantic Ocean. We arrived, anchored mid-harbor in the Bight of Old Robinson, and…

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