May 27 — Great Guana Cay to Marsh Harbour — D & K Day Three

After little sleep Saturday night we woke up to a rolly marina on Sunday morning. Orchid Bay Marina is open to the sea of Abaco on the south side. A wall of large rocks helps to keep the waves from rocking the marina, but an unpleasant surge still manages to get in. We assessed the …read more

May 26 — Treasure Cay to Great Guana Cay via Fish Cays, D & K Visit Day 2

Saturday morning Karen and Debbie wandered around a little bit, visiting the beach again and finding some coffee and breakfast. Greg made a trip into the business district area of Treasure Cay and found a hose clamp to fix the water hose problem. It worked! We would be able to have running water once more! …read more