Hawksbill Cay, Sea Aquarium and Thunderball Grotto

March 14-16. We woke up fairly early and had breakfast before heading out onto the bank as we headed up to Hawksbill Cay. The wind was blowing out of the Northeast at 20 knots, and we made 7+ knots the entire sail. I sailed the whole way in 4 foot seas, loving every minute of …read more

Hawksbill Cay

January 11. Don’t you love a surprise? Like, when you are dinking along a coastline looking at the endless limestone overhangs, stopping at one beach after another to find only sand, palm trees, and rocks, but no trails inland. Just pushing a little further in the dinghy around the next bend, past the next beach, …read more

Aunt Exuma’s Lizards

Our guidebook states that there are four different types of snakes (all nonpoisonous) found in the Bahamas. It says nothing about how many types of lizards live in the islands. Maybe there are just too many to count or maybe people just aren’t as concerned about scurrying little reptiles that pose no threat of your …read more

April 27 — Cairn at Hawksbill Cay

On Friday we woke up to grey skies. We had had an exhausting day before traveling from Highborne Cay to Hawksbill Cay and then exploring ruins ashore at Hawksbill. The lack of sun became a good excuse to delay our trip to Warderick Wells, the headquarters of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. We went …read more

April 26 — Loyalist Ruins at Hawksbill Cay

A short dinghy ride north from the northern most anchorage and mooring field at Hawksbill Cay takes you around a nub of the island and to a small beach with a trail to the Russell Ruins. The Russell family were loyalists who were given a grant to settle on the Cay by The Crown in …read more