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Sou’ Side

March 27 – April 4. I love being in the middle of nowhere. No boats in sight, no people, no signs of civilization, no voices on the VHF radio. Only the sound of the wind rushing through the rigging, the…

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To Thompson Bay

March 19 – 25. On March 19th we saw Brandon off at the airport on Staniel Cay. Your humble narrator thought that a few beers from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club might help us melt from ‘visitor vacation’ mode back…

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Karen! Karen! Karen!

January 15 – January 17. Our friend Karen flew down from Cabbagetown for a visit. She arrived at Black Point on Friday afternoon. We still had some west wind, so we stayed off the boat until after dark. We walked…

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3 Things

January 31 – February 8. Here are three things we never want to do again. Go to George Town George Town is known as a “cruising Mecca.” It has a large port, Elizabeth Harbour, which can hold 300 to 400…

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The Comer Channel

January 1 – January 8. “I think I smell something burning.” Quickly I jump behind the wheel so Greg can go below and investigate. He grabs the fire extinguisher and pulls the cover off the engine compartment. From behind the…

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Black Point to Long Island

December 26 – December 31. How does one measure success? I mentioned earlier that there is an effort to revive the development of a resort in Black Point. We’ve seen the ruins of the failed attempt and a plan for…

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Long Island

March 15 – March 17. Omar tells us ‘I have been giving island tours for years and this will be the biggest yet’. We are the first on the bus, sitting behind him so we will be able to hear…

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Thompson Bay/Salt Pond

March 9 – March 16. We are currently anchored in Thompson Bay, Long Island near the town of Salt Pond. This bay is probably one of the prettiest bodies of waters I have seen in during our journey this season….

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Long Island Passage

It’s 6am Friday March 8th. We finally have a good weather forecast for the 35 mile trip to Long Island. The dink is tied onto the deck, and I take the sail cover off for the first time in two…

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