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Wandering Around

July 1, July 10-14, 2020. Right now this very minute a breeze blows through Ballena Blanca as I sit here writing. Greg is sitting outside playing the guitar. Life is lazy. We have spent a week camping out in the…

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The Desert Around Ajo Part 1

April 16 – April 20. It was around 3 years ago when we were driving from Gila Bend south to visit Organ Pipe National Monument. The terrain was flat scraggly fields with a few creosote bushes here and there and…

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It’s A Wild Wild Life 2

February 24 & March 9 – 11, 2019. I believe that I have mentioned that Greg (and subsequently I) has taken up the hobby of birding. It is a quite timely hobby in this era of COVID-19. A friend recently…

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