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The Projects

October 31 – December 29, 2018. Stop! Stop! Greg was down below winching me up the mast. I was about halfway to the top when I looked up and saw them. Hornets swarmed around the spreaders a few feet away…

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The Forestay

February 8. I paused (again) to catch my breath, and looked around. I was past the spreaders, almost to the top of the mast. The view up here is nice. On a calm day like this you can see the…

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Passage to Mexico, Part 2

Jan 25 – Jan 26. In which: We Heave Too Hard, Engine Sucks Wind, Bob Loses His Head, and “Crab for Breakfast? No Thanks, I’ll Have Beer Instead” Yesterday’s post found Blue Wing’s crew in the Gulf Stream 75 miles…

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